Top 5 Websites For Buying Instagram Followers in 2020(Must Read!)

Ever Thought of Buying Instagram Followers? I have always been looking for Increasing My Social Media Profile as a blogger myself.Instagram is now the most propular Social Media ,so I started looking for Instagram Followers Service Providers and check if they actually work or is just Scam.In this artile I have listed the top 5 most popular Companies for Buying Instagram Followers.I have 2 Instagram Accounts,One is my Personal Account and the other for my photography(Yeah..I know!I like taking photos too).So I made two purchases for both of the acocunts just to test,how it works,are they real?

Keep Reading while I describe my experiences with the Companies.

5 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers in 2020


Rating: 5/5
I Purchased: 1000 Followers
Price: $19

The only reason I rate them on the top amongst other websites is the Pricing and quality of followers. SMMSUMO has a slogan "Sumo Certified" which I think is funny and weird but that is not what we are talking about.There is also a guarantee of 2 Years for any lost followers,which most of the Companies DON'T give, keeping the such a less price in mind.

A++, 10/10 Stars


100% Safe Tested
Organic & Slow Delivery
2 Years Free Refill Guarantee
5+ Years of Experience
24*7 Customer Support
Pay With Safe Payment Methods: Paypal/Credit Cards/BTC/Bank Transfers

2) FollowersZeal

Rating: 4.8/5
I Purchased: 2000 Followers
Price: $36

FollowersZeal is a great company to Buy Instagram Followers and their pricing is also very competitive.Their customer service is also good and I like the overall simplicity of their website.I Would buy their service any day! Hence Recommended for sure.

9.5/10 Stars

3) Always Viral

Rating: 4.2/5
I Purchased: 2500 Followers
Price: $45

Always Viral is also a Good Company to Buy Instagram Followers and they provide decent followers.Most of the followers seemed to be active and have profiles with pover 5 posts. They also provide a ton of Social Media Services Such as Facebook,Twitter and others.

9/10 Stars

4) Mr.Insta

Rating: 1.5/5
I Purchased: 250 Followers
Price: $15

They are just a horrible company to loose money for a cause.The Followers delivered were almost instant.But none of them had photos or any posts.Most importantly,I lost 70% of the Followers overnight! Unbelivible, when you purchase 250 Followers for $15.Never again!


5) Audience Gain

Rating: 1/5
I Purchased: 500 Followers
Price: $28

So based on the reviews online I decided to make a purchase form this website.The pricing seemed to be decent but the experience was way worse.I received the followers in 2 Hours and all of the followers looked like ghost profiles and had no posts.Within 6 hours,Guess WHAT! the Ghosts disappeard.All the followers disappeared. in addition to that I lost 50 odd Followers from my account too.It's weired! Turns out all the reviews were sold reviews and nothing else. Still waiting for the refund.Stay away from them.


Did I learn something from the purchases and what i think you should know?


Yes that is correct.What i learned from the experiences is that numbers are not not really everything and that the best way to Increase Followers base is the hard way.NO SHORTCUTS! The followers purchased will only get the numbers and NOT WHAT YOU WANT WHICH IS "REAL ENGAGEMENTS".

These inactive followers will not like your posts or comment as much you want them to do.
My advise is: If you want the numbers(usually called Boosting Instagram Followers) to start with and is willing to grow the fan base over the time,I would say Go!

Or If you are entirely depended on purchasing the followers and is hoping to see people actually like,comment to the posts,IT IS NOT GOING TO WORK! If you have 10 Million Followers and have 50 Likes,People will definately know that something is not right.

Are Real Followers Actually Real?

YES and NO! Most of the Instagram Followers Service Providers provide fake Instagram Followers and they are not real people. While they are made to look like as if they are real.Choose wisely!

My Recommendation

I highly advise to purchase small packages or purchase small amount of followers in a day.
Why? Because Instagram is very smart with their algorithms and may easily detect unusual Flow of Followers overnight. Like Taking 100k Followers overnight can even get your Instagram Page Removed. Make sure you know what you are doing. I Recommend SMMSUMO as they have scheduled service for the followers.

Thank you for reading!

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