Free High Quality Backlink Checker

New Backlinks Checker

With SEO Ninja tools's New Backlinks Checker tool you can find for new backlinks generated or indexed by the search engines recently.
This tool is diffrent from the High Quality Backlink Checker as the former will fetch all the backlinks for the website or page.
With this tool you will ba able to track and see for the progress with the website/page.

What Are Backlinks?
Backlinks are links pointing form website A to website B. Some frequent used synonyms (also in this article) are: external links, inbound links, incoming links.
The total number of backlinks and their quality pointing to your complete website result in the overall authority of your domain.
The external links that all point to a specific page will help this page to rank in the search engine results (SERPs).
The relevance and quality of an external link are very important factors when you like to measure the impact / value of an link.
To find out more about quality links have a look at this article on: the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog –