Bing SERP Tracker Tool

SEONjina's Bing SERP Tracker Tool rank tracker

Find out and track where your websites are ranking for any keywords on major search engines.
Keep your SEO research up to date even when you're not at your desk. A must have tool for both SEOs and casual site owners.

With SEONjina's Bing SERP Tracker Tool SEO rank checker you can:

- Track an unlimited number of URLs
- Track an unlimited number of Keywords
- View unlimited ranking history for all keywords tracked

- Track all 2 major search engines: Bing, Google
- Regional localization
- Nice Graphs help you visualize better the ranking history
- Will track top 100 results on Google and top 100 results on Bing
- User friendly, thumb friendly and intuitive interface
- Export rankings history as PDF data
- Backup / restore your data as often as you like

PRO Features of

Bing SERP Tracker :

- Automatic background rank updates (ranks are updated daily, without having to start or keep the app open)
- Analytics Insight
- Keyword status (improved, maintained, lowered)
- Quantum of lost and gained positions
- Total number of rank updates
- Gained and lost positions quantum per keyword / search engine

SEONinja Tools is free, there are no limitations on how many keywords / urls you can track, and you can go pro anytime you want!